The web-based scheduling tools for astronomical observatories

Efficient observation planning is required in the demanding space environment. The WebPlan project's goal is to equip sensor owners, astronomers and SST operators with sophisticated scheduling tools that take into account sensor availability, visibility of objects and environmental statistics, and look for the best opportunity windows.
The Webplan suite integrates well into a single environment, from sensor management, through scheduling and data management, using the tools developed previously for astronomical observatories.
Network management
Object catalogues

Key features

Network management

Management of optical, laser and radar sensors in one place

Sensor dashboard

Basic sensor management and telemetry

Sensor timebooking

Allocate time on a sensor, either for observations or maintenance

Automated scheduling

Heuristic algorithms in service for astronomers and SST through scheduling agents

AdHoc scheduling

In-browser scheduling agent for the sensor network

Manual scheduling

Full, manual scheduling for the sensor

Satellite and stellar catalogs

Integrated Spacetrack and Simbad catalogs with latest ephemeris

FITS, TDM, CRD support

Native astronomical data formats supported via AstroDrive


Ability to send an SCM-program to the sensor

CLI and APIs

Command-line tools and APIs available


Data access secured using OAuth2 standard

From scheduling to TDM

The Webplan suite sents the observation programs to the sensor and waits for the data to be received. Once observations are done, the sensor's processing pipeline can upload data to the AstroDrive. It can be either raw, FITS data or TDM, or both. The Webplan allows then to visualize the results in the browser, and monitor the progress of the campaign.

Network management

Manage your sensor network from a single place

Real-time sensor state: basic and advanced telemetry supported

List and world map of sensors, including twilight zones

Sensor dashboard: see latest state of the sensor

Export sensor data to JSON, GeoJSON and CSV

Screenshots from WebPlan app presengting network module
Screenshots from WebPlan app presengting scheduling module


Manual and automated sensor scheduling

Scheduling Agents: a way to automate sensor planning using heuristic algorithms

Sensor's schedule overview: what's planned in the next 24 hours

Sensor scheduling: easy-to-use calendar for planning, either for observations or maintenance

Ad hoc scheduling within the browser – from computing object passes to allocating time and preparing observation programs

Manual planning: full control over planning parameters

Multitude of formats: JSON, XML, SCM, Abot:XML, LSF (Laser Scheduling Format) or plain text

Scheduling agents

Automated sensor planning

Heuristic algorithm planning: look for best opportunity windows taking into account sensor availability, visibility of objects and environmental statistics

Ad hoc planning in the browser: schedule observations for multiple targets and multiple sensors at once

Agent dashboard: see latest, real-time state of the agent

Access agent data: raw files, TDMs

Screenshots from WebPlan app presengting scheduling agents module
Screenshots from WebPlan app presengting timeslots and programs module

Timeslots and programs

Overview of your timeslots and programs

Detailed view of the timeslots and allocated programs

See the timeslot and program status

Access the timeslot and program data


A dedicated file storage for displaying, manipulating and management of astronomical data

File and folder management

Importing, managing and displaying FITS images natively in the browser

Image statistics (configurable annulus, frame, projections, streaks)

Basic image manipulation: histogram, scaling, color maps

Space Safety data formats support: TDM (XML, KVN), CRD/FRD/NPT, JSON, XML, plain text

Screenshots from WebPlan app presengting AstroDrive module
Screenshots from WebPlan app presengting Catalog module


Integration with astronomical and spacecraft databases

Integration with Space-Track service for latest spacecraft data and ephemeris

Integration with IMCCE Quaero object API for Solar System objects

Integration with Simbad astronomical database

Access catalog searches during observation planning (both manual and via Scheduling Agents)

Getting latest object’s ephemeris (TLE, equatorial coordinates)

The banking module

Control the budget of your scheduling

Add and manage multiple sub-accounts for scheduling agents

Assign account to timeslots and scheduling agents

Transfer credits between accounts

Top the primary account

Screenshots from WebPlan app presengting banking module

Accessible via the web

APIs included

We built on top of state-of-the-art technologies to bring the astronomical tools to your browser. Evergreen browsers supported.

We work together

Collaboration is in our core

The Webplan project couldn't be conducted without an extensive help from our partners

The Webplan project has been developed under the ESA contract no. 4000125521/18/D/CT


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