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Sybilla Technologies is a company dedicated to providing industry standards' based IT solutions for scientific research and development that can also be applied in the general public domain. We focus on the fields of observational astronomy, astrophysics and psychology, and utilize the contemporary approach, modern software architecture, and techniques to address the requirements and optimize the results. Constantly broadening and gaining new competence in the fields of our expertise equips us with the right set of tools and technologies to solve our clients' problems

Areas of expertise

Turn-key Robotic observatories

Design and evaluation of instruments and embedded components for robotic operations of astronomical observatories

Real-time data processing

Data processing, analysis and object recognition on astronomical images

Astronomy in the cloud

Bringing variety of astronomical tools in an integrated environment available online

Space surveillance

Modeling and tracking of satellites and space debris

Space sector DevOps

Development and management of networks of robotic observatories

UIs & Tools for SpaceOps

Sky, data and equipment visualization

For Astronomers by Astronomers

Astronomy is deep in our hearts

At Sybilla Technologies we develop modern tools for space-traffic operators and astronomers, from automatic data acquistion to data analysis, using global networks of robotic observatories and cloud services. Our company consists of team of astronomers and software developers, dedicated to bringing an integrated environoment ready to use in astronomical research, space safety and education.


An integrated environment for astronomy

A modular architecture allows to use our products as standalone tools, yet, bringing them all together takes your astronomical research to the next level.

Screenshot of Abot

Abot (Astronomical Robot) is the heart of the robotic observatory. It optimises time spent on hardware preparation, takes care of the calibration and secures the equipement once the weather conditions become unfavourable. Like other observatories, for most of the daytime Abot waits for the night. Once the night kicks in, Abot grabs the targets, opens the dome and conducts observations.

The Abot’s current and historical state is provided via the cloud near real-time. Audio/Video stream included.

Screenshot of Abot Suite
Abot Suite

Abot Suite connects multiple observatories (not only Abots, though) into a single dashboard. You are able then to quickly overview the state of the whole network, perform actions on selected sensors, access the data and logs they produce.

Screenshot of Astrodrive

AstroDrive is the core of our software suite. It provides native astronomical data management and connects all of our services into one single environment. Data flows from the observatory to the cloud and is available in the browser of your choice, everywhere in the world. AstroDrive supports variety of data formats, FITS, TDM, CRD etc.

FITSViewer and astronomical statistics included.

Screenshot of Astrometry24.net

Precise astrometry is crucial for providing data to researchers and SpaceOps. A24N builds upon up-to-date object detection algorithms, and allows you to deliver TDMs as-fast-as-possible. Automated correlation with stars, SSOs and GNSS catalogs helps you to focus on the most interested objects — the unknown ones.

Screenshot of Strategos

Efficient observation planning is required in demanding space environment. Strategos equips you with sophisticated planning algorithm, that takes into account sensor availability, visibility of objects and environmental statistics, and looks for the best opportunity windows. You select the target, the algorithm takes care of the rest and fills the schedule automatically.

No worries. Strategos allows for manual planning too!

Screenshot of Identity Management
Identity Management

All of our services, tools and your data are secured using OAuth2 standard.

Space Safety Ready

Towards real-time detection and analysis of hazardous objects orbiting Earth

Even 130 millions of space debris orbit around Earth, and they are dangerous to active satellites. Space services, such as navigation, weather forecasts or telecommunication are used by 70% of mobile applications, that's why Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) is crucial to keep our daily lifes intact. Our software suite is built from ground-up to help SpaceOps to maintain space traffic and minimize the risk of collisions.

Autonomous planning

You select the target, Strategos takes care of the rest. On multiple sensors — optical, SLRs and radars

Precise astrometry

Astrometry24.NET provides robust and precise astrometric solution for frames containing point sources and streaks

Native TDM support

Tracklet Data Message is a standard for SST. AstroDrive supports that!

GNSS calibration

Sensor calibration using precise orbital ephemeris

Aperture and PSF photometry

Configurable aperture and Point Spread Function photometry for both point sources and streaks

SSO & GNSS correlation

Automatic object correlation with Solar System Objects or GNSS satellites

Multiple stellar catalogs

Solving FITS frames using either Hipparcos, UCAC4 or GAIA catalogs, in correlation with SSO and GNSS ephemeris

Built-in satellite catalog

Our planning module integrates Spacetrack catalog and is constantly updated to include latest launches and orbital data

Fast data delivery

Our software suite allows to deliver processed data via cloud within hours from observations

Science & Education are in our core

Helping researchers, students and amateurs to discover the Universe above

We learned a lot from the Solaris project, a search for exoplanets orbiting binary stars. This experience helped us to build environment ready to use by researchers and students. Our goal is to provide professional astronomical tools in an easy-to-use environment, making the Universe accessible not only to researchers, but also to students and amateurs.

We work together

Collaboration is the key to success

We work together with Polish and international partners to gain new knowledge and prepare tools and services ready to use in the upcoming astronomical and space traffic challenges

ESA Technology Tree

We fit in

From the very beginning we develop technologies ready to use for ESA Space Safety programme

TD 11 Space Debris
TD 12 Ground Station System and Networks
TD 13 Automation, Telepresence & Robotics
TD 14 Life & Physical Sciences


We are a diverse team of astronomers and software developers with passion for space and making the difference. If you are interested to work with us, please send your CV to the careers@sybillatechnologies.com

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