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Delicate instruments helping spaceops operate satellites. Safely.

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Space is fraught with dangers—millions of debris orbit Earth every second, escalating collision risks daily. Time behaves differently in space, demanding immediate responses from us on Earth. Our mission is crucial: ensuring space safety to protect life as we know it. Satellite data, integral to our daily lives, relies on robust space infrastructure. Our goal? Equip you with tools to monitor space debris, safeguarding against collisions.

Choose us for (tailored) solutions backed by a decade of top-tier experience. 

We’re committed to your needs, enhancing space safety worldwide.

High-quality data. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our mission is to provide you with a fully packed, comprehensive observational service based on IT solutions. And by that, we mean a whole range of tools and services available anytime and anywhere in the world you want. From both software and hardware to high-quality, verified data. For research and education.

We provide tools to manage single observatories up to an entire network. That’s what we do to make space safer. But why us? We fit your needs and provide service based on our ten years of experience, with proven top-notch results.

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Career opportunities

We are a diverse team of astronomers and software developers, but don’t be confused! We still have something in common, passion for space and making a difference. Does it describe you as well? Maybe you’re the one we’re waiting for. Check our job offers and apply now! 

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Our partners

Through collaboration with our international partners, we are able to address all the upcoming astronomical challenges and bring the best available solutions for you to manage space. Accurately and safely.