Advanced Ground-Based Observation System

Transforming the Landscape of Space Monitoring and Surveillance

Advanced monitoring system for space traffic management

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Wide field, full frame 10 FPS for LEO, MEO and GEO.

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Real-time scheduling,
data processing and delivery.

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Deployment, construction
and additional services.

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Investment and Packages

Hercules – Advanced Ground-based Observation System

339 000 euro

  • 1.9 Deg2 FoV
  • 500k measurements per month
  • 96% of available observation time
  • 6 months to deploy the system

About Hercules

Hercules, developed by Sybilla Technologies, is an agile and precise ground observation system designed to complement and enhance the capabilities of its advanced counterpart, Perseus.

This system excels in detecting objects smaller than 35 cm in Geostationary Orbit (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), and objects below 10 cm in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

This system excels in surveillance and tracking, offering a 1.9 degree squared Field of View, a rapid 50 degrees per second slew speed, and superior 10 FPS data acquisition at 4x4k 16-bit FITS resolution. With subpixel precision under 1 arcsec RMS and compatibility with key standardized data formats, Hercules seamlessly integrates with the Perseus system, amplifying its satellite and debris monitoring capabilities.

This makes Hercules not just a standalone asset but a valuable addition to any Perseus-equipped observation campaign, ensuring comprehensive coverage and safer orbital operations.

Performance Supported by Statistical Evidence


Deg2 FOV

Large Field of View for quick scanning GEO survey and achieving LEO observation with sufficient star background allowing accurate measurement generation. 


Measurements per Month

Efficient data processing combined  with the large FOV leads in the generation of vast amount of the information for proper space situational awareness.


Arcsecond Accuracy

Top-notch software and hardware processing provides accurate measurement for generating reliable and actionable information.

Advanced Data Handling

Hercules performance Grafana

The AstroDrive.io platform supports ABOT and Astrometry24.NET, ensuring that observation data is provided swiftly, thus enhancing the efficiency of space safety decisions.

ABOT is responsible for the precise monitoring of objects as planned, while the Astrometry24.NET system maintains high-quality data processing accuracy, confirmed by both ESA and EUSST.

The efficiency of this system can be demonstrated using numerous readily available tools, including Grafana.


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24/7 Monitoring

Provides uninterrupted observation, ensuring no celestial event goes unnoticed.

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Advanced Automation

Utilizes cutting-edge technology for efficient, error-free data collection and analysis

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Enhanced Longevity

Ground-based facilities are more easily maintained and upgraded, extending their operational lifespan

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Real-Time Data Access

Delivers immediate data to researchers, enabling timely analysis and discovery

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Offers a more affordable alternative to space-based telescopes with lower maintenance and operational costs

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Eco-Friendly Operation

Incorporates sustainable practices in its operations, minimizing environmental impact while exploring the cosmos

Transparent deployment process

Deployment stages sybilla technologies

The execution of the project is occurring under the supervision of our exceptional experts, who boast a history of successfully completing projects for organizations such as ESA, EUSST, and POLSA.

The process of assembly and installation is performed meticulously, utilizing top-tier equipment.


This ensures that your system will be operational within 6  months of your order placement, and you can be assured of no unforeseen expenses or initial operational issues


Our Expert Team offers professional support for our users on working days with the 12h response time.

You can rest assured that every request will be handled without any delay by the assigned Specialist.

Support sybilla technologies
Training Sybilla Technologies

Training Program

Our team not only implements the system, but also provides training to help you work independently.

Duration: 192 h (live workshop + presentation)

Maximum number of training participants: 3

Form of training:

  • e-learning platform (unlimited time access)
  • live workshops with the Expert
  • additional materials 

Trusted By

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