Who We Are?

Pioneering the Future of Space Observations

Founded in 2011, Sybilla Technologies has been at the forefront of sensor technology and tool development for the automatic acquisition and analysis of space observations.

As a proud Polish enterprise, we’re dedicated to advancing the global domain of astronomical observatory operations through our expertise in orchestrating, scheduling, administering, and sharing access to time and data.

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Expanding Horizons with ESA

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Since Poland’s accession to the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2014, Sybilla Technologies has played a crucial role in research and development within the Space Situational Awareness program. 


Our focus on the Space Surveillance & Tracking (SST) and Near-Earth Object (NEO) segments has positioned us as a key player in safeguarding our skies.

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Fields of expertise Sybilla Technologies

Space debris

Fields of expertise Sybilla Technologies

Ground station systems
and networks

Fields of expertise Sybilla Technologies

Automation, telepresence
& robotics

Fields of expertise Sybilla Technologies

Space System Software


Operating Globally, Observing Universally

Our team operates 16 telescopes across four continents, ensuring round-the-clock observation and data collection. 

By the end of 2020, we managed over 40 sensors for various projects, contributing significantly to the EU SST consortium, the Polish Space Agency, and ESA.

Our work spans SST, NEO, research, commercial, and educational observations, showcasing our global impact and commitment to space surveillance.

Robust astrometry is crucial in Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST)

Leading with Cutting-Edge Software

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At Sybilla Technologies, innovation is at our core. 

We develop sophisticated software for the coordination of robotic networks, bringing a high-standard scientific approach to commercial applications. 

Our expertise in autonomous robotic telescope networks underlines our commitment to advancing the field of space observation.


Driven by Expertise

Our team comprises highly qualified experts specialized in the development and maintenance of software solutions for autonomous robotic telescope networks. 

With active researchers in precise photometric and astrometric measurements, we possess unique insights into photometric and astrometric astronomy. 

This expertise not only enhances our capabilities but also enriches the astronomical community with invaluable data and analysis.

Your Partners in Advancing Space Science

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Choosing Sybilla Technologies means partnering with a leader in space observation and analysis. 

Our unparalleled expertise, global reach, and innovative solutions make us the ideal choice for advancing your projects in space situational awareness and beyond.

 Join us in pioneering the future of space exploration and surveillance.