Control Box

Designed for simplicity,
build to reinforce your observations.

Control Box Sybilla Technologies
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A ready-made and proven solution available at short notice.

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High quality components to guarantee durability and easy operation.

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Compatibility and flexibility for efficient operations.

Control Box inside

Unleash Astronomical Precision

Handle more than 10 FPS of data acquisition with 1 arcsec precision.

Upgraded computing power increases the efficiency of star-mapping and data processing algorithms, ready for professional astronomical and space safety activities.

Suitable variants for different needs


from 4 299
  • 1 Industrial PC
  • Intel Xeon E Processor
  • 32 GB RAM
  • Windows 11 Professional
  • 2 TB SSD NVM
  • Switch and PDU
  • GPS Module with Lightning Protection
  • Environmental Sensor
  • Size - 50x40x24 cm


from 19 399
  • from 3 up to 6 Industrial PC
  • Intel Xeon E Processor
  • 32 GB RAM
  • Windows 11 Professional
  • 4 TB SSD NVM
  • Switch and PDU
  • GPS Module with Lightning Protection
  • Environmental Sensor
  • Size - 130x85x35 cm

Control Box: Heart of the Observatory

The Control Box is the technical heart of the observatory, a beacon of reliability. Carefully chosen, high-quality components ensure superior performance and steadfast accuracy for every celestial venture.

It’s the cornerstone of precision, promising stability and detailed observation in the pursuit of the cosmos.

Control Box Observatory

Up to

50% Faster Deployment of the Control System

Experience the cosmos with unparalleled efficiency.
The Control Box delivers up to 75% faster telescope control system deployment compared to conventional systems, using its modular design, easy cabling and integrated, tested layout.

Up to

30% More Observing Time

Maximize your stargazing potential. With the Control Box, you get plenty of computing power and spend less time on setting up, diagnosing, fixing your control system, gaining up to 30% more observing time. Every minute is an opportunity for discovery.

Harness the Power: Industrial PC-Driven

The industrial PC at the heart of our Control Box delivers a robust and reliable command center tailored for space exploration.

With these powerhouse variants, you gain swift, precision-driven control, ensuring dependable performance for your cosmic endeavors.

Industrial PC Control Box

Proven and tested in various conditions

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Step into the universe with Sybilla Technologies’ ready-to-deploy Control Box, where time spent assembling and troubleshooting becomes a thing of the past. Crafted by minds who’ve collaborated with POLSA, ESA, and EU SST, our Control Box comes with a pedigree of excellence and a track record of proven performance.

GPS Module and Lightning Protection

The GPS Module (ChronoM) ensures accurate time-stamping and positioning with the help of the GPS Antenna, enhancing your celestial observations.

Concurrently, the Lightning Protection (CHRONOM-EMC-1) provides robust protection against electrical surges, safeguarding sensitive equipment from unpredictable weather disturbances.

Together, these features create a secure and reliable environment for uninterrupted astronomical research and space safety.

Control Box Essentials Basic
Control Box Perseus

Environment Control for Extended Sessions

Dive deeper into the night sky without the worry of overheating. Our thermostat system maintains optimal temperature, enabling extended observation sessions – because the universe doesn’t take breaks.

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