SOLUTION High quality data processing

Finest quality observational data service. Captured by 4K resolution cameras, analyzed and translated into usable, read-made information.

Precise and time-efficient analyses

Rapidly increasing space traffic and debris orbiting Earth is a significant challenge for satellite operators. The top level of completeness, accuracy, consistency, reliability, and validity distinguishes high-quality data. And those are vital components of collision avoidance because precise tracking and data quality management are core components of every decision. That’s why we provide you with a dynamically developing service that compiles and compresses raw data and delivers them on time, exactly when needed.

Precise and time-efficient analyses

Multiple data formats support

Supporting key space safety data formats – TDM, CRD/FRD/NPT, JSON, XML, or plain text.

Instant data processing and delivery

Delivering processed, Very High Resolution (VHR) data via cloud solution within hours of observations, allowing you to prepare a timely reaction in case of any potential collision.

User Interface Software made for SpaceOps

Helping SpaceOps operate more effectively by including sky data, and equipment visualization features, with both audio and video streams included.

Manage and process via the web

To ease up observational processes, we designed a tool accessible via your browser. This comprehensive tool combines file & folder management with file-sharing support, integrated object aperture, background statistics, and assistance in creating astrometric processing workflows from scratch. Anywhere, anytime.

If you need more functions, like displaying and manipulating FITS files in the browser (e.g., zoom, pan, rotate, color maps) or copying & pasting settings between frames – we also got you covered.

Manage and process via the web
All-in-one storage ASTRODRIVE

All-in-one storage

We offer a cloud repository and management services tool, all combined into one effective solution. This solution is flexible, cost-effective, and has fine-tuned detection and analysis algorithms to match your hardware. With many astronomical instruments merged simultaneously, you can efficiently perform any required data-related action. And most importantly, it’s all done online, through a browser of your choice. Displaying FITS images as well as data importing and managing – all included.