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Revolutionizing Space Surveillance and Tracking

Robust & reliable observation solution

for space traffic management

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Ultra wide field, full frame 10 FPS for LEO, MEO and GEO.
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Real-time scheduling, data processing and delivery.
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Comprehensive deployment, construction and services.
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Investment and


Perseus – Full observation system

1 990 000 euro

  • 170 Deg2 FoV
  • 3 million measurements per month (read more)
  • 96% of available observation time (read more)
  • 6 months to deploy the system (read more)
  • 3 years of Long Term Support (read more)


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Deg2 FOV

Large Field of View for quick scanning GEO survey and achieving LEO observation with sufficient star background allowing accurate measurement generation.
0 M

Measurements per Month

Efficient data processing combined with the large FOV leads in the generation of a vast amount of information for proper space situational awareness.

Arcsecond Accuracy

Top-notch software and hardware processing provides accurate measurement for generating reliable and actionable information.

Perseus – the revolutionary automated system for advanced ground observations that’s transforming how we conduct surveillance from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO).

This state-of-the-art system not only supports standardized data formats like RA/DEC, TLE, and SP object ephemerides, but also offers out of the box TDMv2 and FITS support, making it an invaluable tool for collaborative observation campaigns.

With its advanced surveillance and tracking features, including point and streak detection, Perseus is an indispensable asset for monitoring satellites and debris, enhancing our understanding of space and ensuring safer orbital operations.

The entire system is compatible with Hercules and Orion solutions, which can perfectly complement and extend the functionality.

Tested in all conditions

Perseus has already proven itself in the challenging conditions of Australia, South Africa, USA and Chile, among others.

Key Features

of the System

Observation Performance

Multipurpose Observation Technology

Capable of observing a wide range of objects in space, useful for various observational needs.

Advanced Ground Observations

Capable of conducting detailed surveillance from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO), offering broad observational range.

Immediate Observation Scheduling

Automated scheduling allows for quick response to observation requests, enhancing efficiency.

Precision Optical Performance

High-quality optics provide subpixel accuracy, crucial for precise orbit determinations and surveillance.

Enhanced Surveillance Capabilities

Advanced point and streak detection features enable effective monitoring of satellites and space debris, contributing to safer orbital operations.

Advanced Surveillance with Point and Streak Detection

Enables precise tracking and monitoring of space objects, essential for space traffic management and debris monitoring.
Data Processing and Compatibility

Wide Data Format Support

Compatibility with RA/DEC, TLE, and other data formats ensures versatility in data handling and analysis.

Real-Time Data Processing

On-board data processing optimized for real-time results, enabling swift analysis and decision-making.

User-Friendly Cloud Services from Leading Providers

Cloud services like are backed by robust and reliable cloud infrastructure, ensuring efficient data management and accessibility.

Data Reliability and Validation

Data validated by major organizations like ESA, POLSA, Airbus and EUSST, assuring customers of its accuracy and reliability.

High-Volume Data Handling

Capable of delivering over 3 million of measurements per month, ideal for extensive data collection campaigns.
Operational Efficiency and Autonomy

Autonomous Telescope Operations

Configurable for autonomous operations with secure remote access, simplifying the observation process.

High-Performance Server Solutions

The server room equipped with Super Micro servers and high-capacity hard drives is designed for optimal data handling and storage, ensuring fast and secure data processing.

Robust and Secure Remote Access

Secure remote access and telemetry monitoring capabilities are built on advanced technology, ensuring data integrity and system security.

High Availability for Observations

Benefit: System covers 96% of available observation time, maximizing the opportunity for data collection and analysis.
Deployment and Integration

Complete Installation and Commissioning

Full service from design to deployment and system commissioning, initial operation ensuring a smooth start-up.

Comprehensive Product Package

Includes the best and carefully tailored components: cameras, telescopes, control boxes, software for control and data processing, providing an optimized all-in-one solution.

Integrated Turn-Key Solution

Offers a fully integrated system, reducing the complexity of setup and operation for commercial use.

LTS and Maintenance

Long-term support, including on-site repairs, ensuring system reliability over time.

Superior Data Processing Capabilities

The software is designed for high-volume, high-speed data analysis, delivering real-time results with accuracy, a testament to the quality of its programming and algorithmic sophistication.

Rapid Deployment

Customers can quickly start their observation projects, reducing time-to-market and accelerating the return on investment.
Reliability and Environmental Adaptability

Premium Quality Hardware

Components like the mount (L-350), QHY 411M BSI Cooled Scientific CMOS camera, and UWF300 Optical Telescope Assembly are sourced from top-tier suppliers, ensuring durability, reliability, and top-notch performance.

Safety and Control

ABOT system provides supervisory control and data acquisition, offering a safe operating environment with alerts and reports.

Reliable Power and Control Systems

High-grade UPS systems, weather stations, and control boxes, including components from trusted brands like Eaton, MikroTik and Antratek, ensure uninterrupted and stable system operation.
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24/7 Monitoring

Provides uninterrupted observation, ensuring no celestial event goes unnoticed.

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Advanced Automation

Utilizes cutting-edge technology for efficient, error-free data collection and analysis.

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Enhanced Longevity

Ground-based facilities are more easily maintained and upgraded, extending their operational lifespan.

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Real-Time Data Access

Delivers immediate data to researchers, enabling timely analysis and discovery.

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Offers a more affordable alternative to space-based telescopes with lower maintenance and operational costs.

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Eco-Friendly Operation

Incorporates sustainable practices in its operations, minimizing environmental impact while exploring the cosmos.

Observations from

LEO to GEO with ease

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Conducting observations in LEO, is a challenging task. The challenge here is the number of objects and the need for top-of-the-line equipment.

With Perseus, it takes only 15 minutes from scheduling an observation to launching it, so you can respond in short order and collect data in as little as a quarter of an hour.

ABOT being part of the system guarantees smooth operation and observation planning.


Data Collection

Perseus collects data automatically, without the need to manually operate the telescope. This saves time and money.


Data Handling

Perseus performance Grafana

With ABOT and Astrometry24.NET backed by the platform, the observations are delivered within minutes, improving the space safety decision making process.

While ABOT takes care of accurate tracking scheduled objects, the Astrometry24.NET engine keeps the top-notch data processing precision verified by ESA and EUSST.

The system performance can be visualised in variety of off the shelf tools, such as Grafana.

High Availability

for Observations

System covers 96% of available observation time, maximizing the opportunity for data collection and analysis.

High return of investment reducing idle time thanks to optimized observation planning and processing.

Backed by our experts, offering maintenance and support which will increase reliability in the system operations.

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State-of-the-Art Surveillance & Tracking

Tracking of ESA Aeolus S/C right before its re-entry in July 2023, at 260 km height (low LEO). Aelous appears as a bright dot, while stars leave trails, caused by the object tracking mode.
Observation in star-tracking mode of objects released by Space X Transporter-9 mission, which carried 90 payloads into 500 km high orbit (LEO). Other orbital object crossing the sky is also observable.

Transparent process under the guidance od outstanding specialists

  • Signing the contract

  • Site visit and project preparation

  • Completing the system

  • On-site assembly and installation

  • Training and handover of the finished system

The implementation is taking place under the guidance of our outstanding Experts, who have implemented projects for ESA, EUSST and POLSA, among others.

Assembly and installation are carried out with the utmost care using first-class tools.

This gives you a guarantee that your system will be up and running within 6 months of placing the order and you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs and startup problems.


Our Expert Team offers Long Term Support – 365 days, all year round.

You can rest assured that every request will be handled without any delay by the assigned Specialist.

The premium package of our support is part of the whole system and does not require you to spend anything extra.

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Training Sybilla Technologies

Empowering Your Team: Comprehensive Training Program

Our Experts will prepare your Team with the utmost care in terms of management, operation and maintenance of the system.

Duration: 384h (live workshop)

Maximum number of training participants: 10

Form of training:

  • e-learning platform (unlimited time access)
  • live workshops with the Expert
  • evaluation and knowledge test (with certificate)
  • support of the Expert after the training (for one month after the end of the training)
  • additional materials

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