Safe space is not something we only envision.
It’s something we help you create.

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Leading space safety solutions provider in Poland

We are space enthusiasts who want to make a difference. For us, a can-do approach is key. Because what we do is essential to maintain our everyday lives undisturbed.

At Sybilla Technologies, we specialize in ground segment observatories and developing and maintaining software solutions for autonomous robotic telescope networks. We also create cutting-edge tools for space traffic controllers and astronomers, from automatic data acquisition and various analyses to assistance in telescope management on five continents.

Our job is to leverage global networks of robotic observatories and cloud services to create an integrated environment that can be used for both astronomical research and education. That’s what we design – reliable and ready-to-use solutions that let you always feel secure.

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Our Products

Software and hardware solutions tailored to your needs. Our services include compiling, processing high-quality data, and supporting the management of robotic observatories’ networks.


Software designed to automate the operations of robotic observatories


An astrometric web service offering accurate astrometric solutions

Web-based scheduling tools for astronomical observatories


High-end Ground-Based Observation System


Advanced Ground-Based Observation System


Essential Ground-Based ​Observation System

Ursa Minor

Ready to Use and Movable Compact Telescope (coming soon)


Ready to Use and Movable Compact Telescope Set (coming soon)
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Our technologies are 100% ESA Space Safety Programme compatible

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Space debris

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Ground station systems and networks

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Automation, telepresence & robotics

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Space System Software
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Research & development

Giving you the ability to improve. Observational astronomy and astrophysics both drive us to seek every development possibility. We are committed to providing IT solutions based on evolving up-to-date industry standards for scientific research. With our modern approach, software, and techniques, we can address the most complex requirements. And this constant broadening of new competencies enables us to equip our clients with the most technologically advanced tools.

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Science & education

Giving you the ability to explore. Some technologies that astronomers use can be complex and challenging for students and amateurs. That’s where we come in. Our goal is to provide professional astronomical tools in an easy-to-use environment, making the wonders of the Universe equally accessible to everyone.