Join the Observers' League at Sybilla Technologies

Discover the Unseen, Shape the Unbuilt

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At Sybilla Technologies, we don’t just observe the future; we’re the ones sketching its blueprints. Think of us as the visionary architects of technology, where every project is a window to endless possibilities. Our secret sauce? A culture that values the sharp-eyed observers, the silent note-takers, and the discreet coffee sippers who occasionally look up from their screens to say, “Huh, that’s interesting.”

Why choose a career with us?

Sybilla Technologies Careers

Because we believe that the most groundbreaking ideas are often found in the footnotes of your observations.

In an industry where ‘seeing is believing’, we dare to dream about the things unseen and build the unbuildable.

Here, your penchant for noticing the unnoticed is not just appreciated — it’s your ticket to making waves.

Join us if you’re ready to:

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Be part of the vanguard at Sybilla Technologies, where we don’t just watch space; we actively safeguard it. Our mission: to chart a safer course through the cosmos by pioneering solutions for space debris management and collision avoidance.

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Work in an environment where your forward-thinking ideas fuel proactive strategies against the challenges of space congestion. Here, your morning brainstorming can lead to innovative defense mechanisms against the ever-growing orbital debris field.

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Engage in high-stakes discussions that transcend beyond academic debates to tackle real-world problems in space safety. Here, the passion for preserving the vastness and beauty of our outer space environment is matched only by our commitment to protecting it for future generations of explorers.