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Astronarium Sybilla Technologies
In the latest episode of Astronarium, our Space Safety Expert, Mariusz Słonina, takes us on a journey through the dangers lurking in Earth’s orbit. Learn how Sybilla Technologies contributes to protecting our planet from space debris and ensures the safe use of outer space.
Logis-Mil EXPO
At Logis-Mil EXPO 2024 in Bydgoszcz, Sybilla Technologies presented its advanced space safety products, Perseus and Ursa Minor, highlighting their critical role in protecting national security and ensuring the reliability of space operations. The event underscored the importance of innovative solutions for maintaining safe and secure space infrastructure.
Space Sector Forum Warsaw
Sybilla Technologies showcased its cutting-edge space safety products, Perseus and Ursa Minor, at the Space Sector Forum in Warsaw on June 4. The event provided a valuable platform for exchanging insights and advancing space safety technology.
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