Sybilla Technologies Embarks on Prestigious EMISSARY Space Safety Project Under EDF 2023


Sybilla Technologies is proud to announce its selection as the sole Polish entity to receive funding in the highly competitive European Defence Fund (EDF) 2023 EMISSARY project. This initiative marks a significant milestone in Sybilla Technologies’ long-standing commitment to enhancing space safety and situational awareness. 

EMISSARY, standing for “Enhanced Military Information Systems and Space Asset Regulatory Yoke,” is a groundbreaking European project aimed at advancing the capabilities of Space Domain Awareness (SDA). The project supports the development of an advanced sensor network and military-grade Space Situational Awareness Command and Control software. These technologies are crucial for maintaining national and European sovereignty in space, providing crucial data handling and dissemination tools that strengthen our defense capabilities against space-based threats. 

Sybilla Technologies brings to the EMISSARY project its extensive experience and expertise developed over years of active participation in space safety initiatives, including the notable SAURON project. As EMISSARY builds upon the foundations laid by SAURON and other previous EDF projects, Sybilla’s role is pivotal in ensuring the seamless integration and advancement of these technologies. 

The EMISSARY project, funded under the 2023 EDF call, encompasses a comprehensive suite of activities including studies, design, system prototyping, testing, and qualification, with an estimated total cost of €157.7 million, of which the EU contributes €100 million. Over the 48-month duration, Sybilla Technologies will work alongside major European defense and technology partners, further cementing its role as a key player in space safety. 

This project not only underscores Sybilla Technologies’ commitment to the forefront of technological innovation in defense but also highlights the importance of Polish expertise in contributing to a safer and more secure space environment. By participating in EMISSARY, Sybilla Technologies not only enhances its own capabilities but also contributes significantly to Europe’s strategic autonomy in space. 

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Sybilla Technologies is a leading Polish technology firm specializing in space safety and situational awareness. With years of experience in the development and implementation of advanced space surveillance systems, Sybilla is dedicated to enhancing the security and sustainability of space operations through its participation in international and European defense initiatives. 


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