Sybilla Technologies Shines at the Space Sector Forum in Warsaw

Space Sector Forum Warsaw

Sybilla Technologies is proud to announce its successful participation in the Space Sector Forum, held on June 4, 2024, in Warsaw, Poland. The event, a focal point for industry leaders and innovators, provided an unparalleled opportunity for Sybilla Technologies to engage with top-tier professionals and showcase its cutting-edge products, Perseus and Ursa Minor, which are making a significant impact on space safety worldwide.


Space Sector Forum Warsaw


A Hub for Knowledge Exchange and Innovation

The Space Sector Forum is renowned for fostering dialogue and collaboration among key players in the space industry. This year’s event was no exception, bringing together experts from around the globe to discuss the latest advancements and challenges in space technology. Sybilla Technologies was thrilled to be at the forefront of these conversations, contributing its expertise and sharing insights into the future of space safety.

Showcasing Perseus and Ursa Minor

Sybilla Technologies took center stage to highlight its flagship products, Perseus and Ursa Minor. Both systems have garnered international acclaim for their revolutionary contributions to space safety. Perseus, known for its advanced tracking capabilities, and Ursa Minor, celebrated for its robust monitoring solutions, are pivotal tools used by agencies and companies worldwide to safeguard space operations.


Space Sector Forum Warsaw


“The Space Sector Forum was a fantastic platform for us to exchange experiences with other industry leaders and to demonstrate the capabilities of Perseus and Ursa Minor,” said Mariusz Słonina, Board Member and Space Safety Expert of Sybilla Technologies. “Our products are not only advancing space safety but are also driving innovation and reliability in space missions globally.”

A Global Impact

The Space Sector Forum underscored the growing need for collaboration in space safety and innovation. Sybilla Technologies’ participation reinforced its commitment to advancing technology that ensures the safety and sustainability of space activities. Perseus and Ursa Minor are already making significant strides in reducing risks and enhancing the resilience of space operations, setting new standards for safety and efficiency.

Looking Ahead

As Sybilla Technologies continues to push the boundaries of space safety technology, the company is excited about the future opportunities that lie ahead. The connections and knowledge gained at the Space Sector Forum will undoubtedly fuel further innovation and collaboration.



About Sybilla Technologies

Sybilla Technologies is a leading provider of space safety solutions, dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies that enhance the safety and sustainability of space activities. With a global presence and a commitment to excellence, Sybilla Technologies is at the forefront of the space sector, driving advancements that shape the future of space exploration and safety.


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