Innovative Space Safety Solutions on Display at Logis-Mil EXPO 2024 in Bydgoszcz

Logis-Mil EXPO

Sybilla Technologies is excited to announce its impactful participation in the Logis-Mil EXPO, which took place from June 13-14, 2024, in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The event offered a prime opportunity for Sybilla to display its groundbreaking space safety products, Perseus and Ursa Minor, which were key attractions at our booth.

Advancing Space Safety at Logis-Mil EXPO

Logis-Mil EXPO is a prestigious event that gathers experts from the logistics and military sectors to explore the latest innovations and technologies. Sybilla Technologies was honored to be part of this influential forum, where we demonstrated our unwavering commitment to enhancing space safety and operational efficiency.



Highlighting Perseus and Ursa Minor

At the expo, Sybilla Technologies showcased its flagship products, Perseus and Ursa Minor, which are designed to significantly improve space safety. Perseus is renowned for its advanced satellite tracking capabilities, while Ursa Minor excels in space debris monitoring. Both systems are essential tools used globally to safeguard space missions and infrastructure.

“Participating in Logis-Mil EXPO was a fantastic opportunity to highlight the capabilities of Perseus and Ursa Minor,” said Mariusz Słonina, Board Member and Space Safety Expert of Sybilla Technologies. “We were excited to engage with industry leaders and demonstrate how our solutions are setting new standards for space safety.”

Space Safety: A Pillar of National Security

The importance of space safety extends beyond the preservation of space assets; it is crucial for national security. As nations increasingly rely on satellites for communication, navigation, and surveillance, ensuring the safety and reliability of these space systems becomes paramount. Space debris and potential collisions pose significant threats to national security operations, making the role of technologies like Perseus and Ursa Minor indispensable.

“In today’s interconnected world, protecting our space infrastructure is essential to maintaining national security,” added Mariusz Słonina. “Our solutions not only enhance the safety of space operations but also contribute to the broader security framework by preventing disruptions that could have far-reaching consequences.”


Logis-Mil EXPO

Global Impact and Future Prospects

The event underscored the importance of integrating advanced technologies in logistics and military operations. Sybilla Technologies remains committed to leading the way in space safety, contributing to the global effort to secure and sustain space activities. The insights gained and connections made at Logis-Mil EXPO will drive further innovation in our solutions, reinforcing the vital link between space safety and national security.

About Sybilla Technologies

Sybilla Technologies is a leader in developing space safety solutions, dedicated to advancing technology that enhances the safety and sustainability of space operations. With a global reach and a commitment to excellence, Sybilla Technologies is shaping the future of space safety and exploration.


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